Monday, 5 September 2011


Like the twin towers, Almighty’s might almost
And then the planes crashing into man’s sight almost.

Thus began the blood and fury of freedom’s tale
Man found the womb watertight, almost.

The triumphant ray touched and mocked the night
Matters quite black and white almost?

Why leave uncoloured even blank silent tears?
Fill these gaps with butterfly-words alright? Almost.

The trepidation of sense's legs at their heads
The unscrupulous semester system's plight, almost!

Sudden peace and benevolence all around me
Surely losing the secret fight, almost.

Each thinking moment grounds love's roots deeper
But on desire's wing, love's flight almost.

Why must I fear love’s branch to bend and break?
When I myself am fully upright… almost!

In this izafat-less tongue fool, the ghazal is lost
So what if it seems as bright, almost!

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