Monday, 5 September 2011

To Yaman : A ghazal

Arrogant sun to moon’s softness bows and then Yaman
Helplessly loves again, the raging heart when Yaman

In the stillness of time, the knowing moon’s intrusion
Here and now move forth and there and then Yaman…

The higher notes come today before the lower ones
Usurps effortlessly the conspiring, simpleton Yaman

Bade Ghulam Ali, you majestic conqueror of the spheres
Went vanquished to what slipped your art’s prehen,Yaman!

Another evening, another wait, another waiting in sight
Heart jumps out of its corner and in the den, Yaman

Slain lies all hope, yet the eye is still alive
Before closes the eye, why not open Yaman.

As Jasmine’s aroma blends into the night’s paarijaat
Tears make up the prayer, and for amen, Yaman.

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