Monday, 5 September 2011

A translation: A tribute

"Abke ham bichhde, to shayad kabhi khwabon mein milen
Jis tarha sookhe hue phool kitaabon mein milen"

(Parted thus this moment, we shall perchance in dreams someday meet
Like long dead, dried flowers, within books the eyes greet.)

"Dhoondh ujde hue logon mein wafa ke moti
ye khazaane tujhe mumkin hai kharaabon mein milen"

(Seek out the pearls of fidelity, among the atrophied lot
Such rare wealth, oftener, with the 'useless' ones is got)

"Tu Khuda hai na mera ishk farishton jaisa
Dono insaan hain to kyon itne hijaabon mein milen"

(No God are you, nor angel-like my love's creed
Mortals as both thus be, of many faceted veils, what need?)

"Gham-e-duniya bhi gham-e-yaar mein shaamil karlo
Nasha badhta hai sharaaben jo sharaabon mein milen"

(With the despair of the beloved,the pains of existence amalgamate
One mixed into the other, liquors must the better intoxicate)

"Aaj ham daar par khinche gaye jin baaton par
kya ajab kal wo zamaane ke nisaabon mein milen"

(The very reasons which drag us to the gallows, serving as our crimes
Shall tomorrow unsurprisingly, be the syllabi of the times)

"Ab na wo mein hun, na tu hai, na wo maazi hai 'faraz'
Jaise do saaye tamanna ke saraabon mein milen"

(Neither I, nor you 'Faraz' nor sweet old days as before do emerge
As if in illusions of desires, two faint shadows must perfunctorily converge)

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