Monday, 5 September 2011

Let's Decentralize..!

One thought, love, that keeps the pulse these days - 
for such are the preoccupations, such today's ways!
Should we the autocracy of hearts – each over the other -
let over what is nascent, conquer?
Must not we, with some such design as permits,
A perfect majority aim, in each other’s limits?
If we follow some constitution, love – half emboldened in ideal
half dried in manipulation’s bind –
We shall by the far, fail
For every decision then shall surely entail
Sycophancy and bribery of eyes against mind.

One of us then, will picket the other’s ‘peaceful’ trend
Hooting horns of revolt, ride through the mind’s streets
We shall journey in-and-out, burning the fuel of our days.
Speeches – not without lampoon – shall replace the loving ways.
To conclude the breaking-news trivia of our lives,
Envenomed as it is by mechanical archives
For simple problems of malnourished sentiments,
Shall we too, to air-conditioned halls descend?

Were we to behave as democratic tyrants murmur
Corrupt into each other’s heart, a selfish sum.
Those mal-nourished sentiments will the more suffer
However fortified may our intellects become.

Lets make matters clear and straight, to thus surmise
Unlike the fashion of this pandemonium, love
Let's decentralize!

If we into each the other’s being concentrate
Then by degrees, what is representative will take control
And assume for itself, a selfish role.

Centralize we must though, in so far as
When to our singular soul we receive threat
By whatever means, its dilution abet.

Decentralize we must, and for that let’s go to Donne.
Make of our singular soul, a handsome score.
Each into the other, and in all, one
One our each, to make it four.

Appropriate soul shall re-present, ourself
In more just means, and ends therefore
Shall be contenting the each, more.

So, lets make matters subsume, as ease may rise
Unlike the fashion of this pandemonium, love
Let's decentralize!!

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