Monday, 5 September 2011

A Monsoonal Interlude

Oh come on now!

What like defeated Generals at consolatory post war meetings
Now you peep and now hide?
Like a new wife, stop fulfilling protocol coyness.
Descend now with a full stride.

Nothing remains undone! With complete force fall now.
Unfurl your highest flags
that the cooling petals of benediction may shower joy now.

Empty are sad rosebuds. Colour them, Breathe them your scent.
Where are sitar's youthful notes? Come now and give them vent.
Hear you not these many-shaded Malhaars?
Some of them are beggars, aggressors some.
Weeping unto you in prayer, energizing your passions in welcome.
Many. Many on footpaths have breathed dry.
Hopes get humid as your arrogant clouds ply.

Heart's begging bowl is humble yet.
Fill it now with love
Enough have rained the redenned eyes
Enough of this game, Rain now from the skies.

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