Friday, 9 September 2011

Beneath the Skin..

What lurks in this quagmire of veins beneath the skin?
Aridity above perchance somehow rains beneath the skin.

Time’s tutelage taught me lessons that I didn’t follow
Consequently, it seems something canes beneath the skin

Those farmers that reaped epistles, sow cell-phones today
The ‘rural repast’ of love urbanes beneath the skin

Inroads you allowed them fool, to make into your heart
Now flourishes a network of by-lanes beneath the skin

Here a bomb there a bomb everywhere a bomb bomb
Oh good old Rhymes! Go change trains beneath the skin

My heart in loneliness abuses me all the while
On field my head Zinadine Zidanes beneath the skin

The tug of war with age, is finally all that there is
Flickering joys incessantly fight pains beneath the skin

On the surface today’s hearts, merely on the surface
Beneath the skin however, those brains, beneath the skin

How internal that struggle turned a misty civil war 
Hamlet failed to see therein those Danes beneath the skin

Night’s stars are buried by the Sun’s violent break
How violently Doubt, ascertains beneath the skin

The two felt light, walking hand-in-hand, the village road
Autopsy of the corpses revealed chains beneath the skin

Give me my final paan as Life spits me out
For red if not blood, some stains beneath the skin

Two lines never make a couplet fool, One needs a magnet’s compression
Otherwise they are, if you look closely, quatrains beneath the skin!

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