Monday, 5 September 2011

A ghazal after One Hundred Years of Solitude

The frolic of loneliness and the tear of solitude
Why scratch the eyes of the seer of solitude?

Candles of joy melted away in habit’s heat
Tonight in darkness pendulums the chandelier of solitude

'For God’s sake, Hold thy tongue and let me love'
Let me have now my share of solitude!

Forget not against brimming love and sparse doubt 
Desdemona's innocence and a Lear of solitude

For God’s sake, hold my hands and let us war
Let us sound defeated bugles in the ear of solitude…

In this tug-of-war, my hands are burning on the entwined rope
This un-ceasing un-tiring wear and tear of solitude

Remember those long drives, love? When at easy speeds
How we slipped unawares, into the gear of solitude…

Can't say how long in this unintelligible world have I been…
A moment’s togetherness echoed, many a year of solitude.

My own blood I see congealing into soft-toys
Call pain poetry? The double spear of solitude

The 'gair' sips his choicest wines from your hands
And for us the empty cheer of solitude!!

The womb solitary, solitary the wanderings of a child
And then this age… wine, and a bier of solitude…

Love faith war peace, all are mere games because
Man needs occupation in the fear of solitude

Oh Shahid you left early, and even in this
You made yourself the Kashmir of solitude...

All this is word play too, fool,  and nothing else 
In the hour after many a Hundred Year of Solitude!

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